Like a desire to eat with you !

Le Boccaccio, once upon a time there was Gino

In the Cannatella Family I ask … the Father. The hero of our story is called Gino. And his legacy is visible today in every corner of the city.

The story of his culinary conquest begins in his native land, hundreds of kilometers from the coast of Nice. Originally from Sicily, Gino leaves the island to live in Naples. Southern Italy colors his palate, and the sea waters it with salt. Arriving in Nice at the age of 16, this cuisine will never leave his culinary roots. And the teenager will always keep an eye on the coastline.

The size of small beginnings

In 1968, Gino Cannatella, then a young dad, opened Ö Pizzicato, the first adventure stamped with his brand. He then buys his first apartment above the kitchens, then another adjoining. His kingdom extends: from the small studio he creates the flagship of his future culinary fleet. Five years later, the epicurean entrepreneur is betting on expanding the restaurant. He installs the kitchens where Ö Pizzicato was and gives a name to the first chapter of his success: the Boccaccio.

A gourmet restaurant in the heart of Nice

In 1973, the entire passage of the city was organized around rue Masséna. The pedestrian street is growing and as soon as the Boccaccio opens, the area explodes with activity. Around this excitement, Gino wants to create a friendly place but embellishes it with a certain prestige.

The aesthete seeks to honor his Italian know-how and brings to his kitchen more gastronomy. This self-taught man feeds on all influences. In love with his job and a great traveler, his cuisine woos modernity and reinvents itself with each project. A taste of culinary mixing and a vision of the company that will feed his sons, Serge and Philippe.

The taste of the sea and the love for fish

A believer of good food and great enjoyment, the Father makes Boccaccio a temple of pleasures of the mouth. After developing Italian and family cuisine, the chef chooses to evolve towards a more marine gastronomy. Even today, fish and seafood are kings in the restaurant. His sensitivity for marine products inspires all his recipes. You can find this spirit today in their signature dish: the seafood paella.

The whole family inherits this appreciation for Mediterranean products and the seas of the globe. A keen look allows them to recognize the freshness of a fish instantly at a glance. Wherever they stand, the Cannatellas embrace the kitchen, cherish their ingredients and refine the fish. The story is not over – far from it – but the tale of the beginning ends … After the triumph of the Boccaccio, Gino and his children live happily and have many restaurants.