Between fish & seafood
the gourmet restaurant
in downtown nice

An Italian-style culinary story

Discover Boccaccio

Le “Boccaccio” ?

It is in the honour of Boccaccio, a Tuscan writer and figure of the Italian Renaissance. His stories take us to an epicurean kingdom. Like him, we offer a rich and delicate culinary journey, where every step becomes a pleasure. For 50 years, making good food is our know-how.

How to find us?

We are in the heart of the city that you must see. Right in the center of Nice, starting from rue Masséna, the Boccaccio is proudly planted.

A domain set apart for lovers of Italy where the best products of the Mediterranean converge. We invite you to find the sea on our plates.

What does the interior look like?

400 meters from the coastline, discover the most elegant of Belle Epoque cruise ships. The three rooms with quilted walls, decorated with coquette porthole windows, it could be the scene of a ballroom. Plunge your eyes into the blue reflections of the aquarium or let yourself be caught by the marine flavors on your plate. The threshold crossed, the cruise has already begun.

A menu to devour

A Brittany lobster cooked in the Mediterranean? Blue as the heart of a Picasso? They are crazy these Italians…

The Boccaccio presents you…
The Blue Lobster.

Our fetish products

Main plate: the seafood paella

The signature plate of the Boccaccio, served directly from the skillet. The gastronomic revisit of this popular Spanish dish explodes on the plate: colors, smells, flavors … All the senses are sublimated by noble ingredients. The rice shines, vegetables burst and what do the guests from the sea have to say? Prawns, squid, mussels, clams, octopus … It’s the whole ocean that invites you!

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For dessert: l’île flottante

This dessert is served in a beautiful anthracite gray recipient. The color brings out the purity of the ingredients and the purity of being homemade. At the heart of it, egg whites mounted in snow, I discover a paste of salted butter caramel, sprinkled with almonds and fine chocolate chips.The crème anglaise draws a crown for dessert that seems to fly.

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Leftovers? Do it the American way and ask for a takeaway!

Le galet magazine

The le galet magazine is the jewelry box of our passion: you will find small carved jewels just for you. Pleasures on the Riviera, visions of Nissa and the dolce vita: we share only the most beautiful.

Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Cocteau, Dufy and even Munch. How did Nice succeed in infusing grace with brushes of such different sensibilities? What spell does the Côte d’Azur cast on the artists who cross its gaze? For you, the le galet magazine plunges into the heart of art in the city.

The free magazine will be offered at your entry or exit table. Take your copy and enjoy all the delicacies concocted just for your beautiful eyes.

Events Le Boccaccio

For your seminar, a congress, a birthday and even the best day of your life … We offer you the Boccaccio on a platter. The Cannatella family puts its most prestigious establishment at your disposal to host your events. Do not forbid any appetite: we let you compose your ideal evening. And if you wish, our team will be present at every stage of the organization.

Tested… and approved !

To celebrate their 80th anniversary, the Amadeus group has chosen Boccaccio. 180 people enjoyed an elegant and upscale welcome. At the request of the client, our pastry chef has designed a piece with the colors of the company. A real corporate cake!

By Laura, the privileged coordinator of your private events.

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